Walking the Golden Gate Bridge: A Photo Journal

San Francisco in December is not exactly what is known as high season (I seem incapable of traveling anywhere during high season). However, the city in no way shuts down and Chinese food for Christmas dinner is totally normal. Macy’s is all done up in lights and the markets are decorated for Christmas and, because it’s California, even the bagpiper outside the skating rink gets to rock his kilt in the middle of ‘winter.’ The rain is a little much, and I personally don’t understand skating without snow, but overall, the west coast gem doesn’t need the sun to be enjoyed.

All that being said, the Golden Gate Bridge is incapable of being ruined by rain or December. Fog and sun and drizzle and cloud – all of it works. Walking from end to end -though nippy – is breathtaking and a must do during a visit to San Fran. Both ends of the bridge feature access to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Though not hugely attractive in chilly, below-freezing weather, for those visiting in high season – let me know how it goes!

In case my written review of the bridge walk isn’t convincing enough for you, maybe these photos will!