Where to Have an Authentic Acadian Lunch in Cape Breton

So you head off to Cape Breton in search of Nova Scotian ocean air and those autumn colours you know are out there. You drive through the national park, stop in cute towns, listen to Celtic music and eat lots of fish. And then, as you’re nearing the mainland again you think, god, I’ve heard so much about the Acadians. I’ve learned Acadian history in school, I’ve visited monuments and spoken French in Nova Scotia and Quebec and now, I’m in Cape Breton, at the edge of the world, and all I want is a true Acadian lunch!

Pomquet at oneredphonebox.com

I know, I’m clairvoyant right? So you drive away from whatever adorable B&B you’re staying at, you stop at Pomquet Beach where temperatures rise to regular old beach temps even though it’s the Atlantic, and then you return to your thoughts of lunch. Just like I do. I got your back on this one.


Head up to Chez Deslauriers (on a Friday in July and August) and say Bonjour to the lovely volunteers from the Pomquet Development Society who will take your contribution to their cause, seat you at a clothed table by a window looking out on one of the most gorgeous and calming views you’ll see, and eat beans. Or meat.


You will dine alongside locals, while mothers and daughters serve lunch in both official languages, and be given a serving of strawberry shortcake so huge it’ll be hard to believe. After lunch, walk it off at the interpretive centre, and one one of the many Pomquet Acadian Trails the Society maintains. Bring bug spray – the mosquitoes particularly enjoy strawberry shortcake-scented blood.

Find a complete Cape Breton Itinerary here


You will have then consumed a massive, delicious, and authentic Acadian lunch, including baked beans, ham, fricôt (chicken stew filled with potatoes and dumplings – giant balls of dough shoved in with gravy YUM), pâté (a tri-meat pie) and homemade bread. Obviously, you’ll be so happy and full, you too will look like this:


The land and the buildings at Monk’s Head all have historical significance, but the real gem here are the people: lovely, welcoming, generous, and happy to share their history and heritage with visitors. The only downside of this beautiful place is that we were one of only a few groups of tourists! Go! Visit! Eat!

Visit one of Cape Breton’s beaches that’ll make you think you’re in the Caribbean

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2 thoughts on “Where to Have an Authentic Acadian Lunch in Cape Breton

  1. I’ll put this on my Nova Scotia list for next spring Rachel – looks great!
    Still love your blog. Maybe you should pack it in and be a writer & photographer 😉 Don’t tell your parents I said that ❤️


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