Leaf-Spotting in St. John’s

If you follow One Red Phone Box on Instagram, you’ll have seen a whole whack of photos of a magical place that actually resembles fall scenery, and you will not have believed that they are actually pictures of Newfoundland. St. John’s autumns usually go something like summer-summer-summer-snow, with a glimpse of autumn leafery before the ice and sleet and fog and flurries cover them all up. This year we have had real, honest to goodness fall weather, with days warm enough to be outside. The trees aren’t confused, and the city looks good. Novel.

If you aren’t following me on Instagram (@oneredphonebox), firstly whyever not?! and secondly, here are some of the photos you have been missing, plus extras of the beautiful fall scenery and the Rennie’s River Trail in St. John’s.

St. John's Leaf Spotting, Newfoundland Canada




Want to see more of this beautiful city? Try these outdoorsy things in St. John’s!




St. John’s: Top 6 Winter Study Breaks







Where is your favourite leaf-spotting location? Leave us a note in the comments!



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