Don’t Visit St. John’s Without Doing these Three Outdoorsy Things

St. John’s, Newfoundland: the edge of the world, the eastern-most tip of Canada, and one of the most picturesque places in North America. There are enough views and experiences to have in this gorgeous city to keep you going for days – and many weeks if you want to visit the rest of the province. But don’t leave Newfoundland’s historic capital city without doing these three outdoorsy things!

Hike the Battery trail up Signal Hill, and take the road back down:


The Battery trail leads walkers through a small neighbourhood, and then onto the rocks at the entrance to the harbour.


As you can see, the views are spectacular, and you may catch sight of a ship coming in, guided through the Narrows by a pilot boat. On the way back down from Signal Hill, go via the road to enjoy the ponds and the Geocentre, and maybe find some wild blueberries.



Go to Quidi Vidi Village and the Artists’ Plantation:


Completely walkable, the loop around Quidi Vidi Lake and then to the village proper is a classic St. John’s experience. Get your sports and your art all in one day – take in the Regatta on the lake, and then get a taste of Newfoundland art and speak to the artisans at the Artists’ Plantation in Quidi Vidi.


Walk part of the Rennie’s River Trail:


The City of St. John’s is covered with trail systems, and the Rennie’s River Trail is my favourite.


Accessible from many places throughout the city, I particularly like the section between Bonaventure Avenue and Kings Bridge Road.



Don't Visit St. John's Without Doing these Three Outdoorsy Things.png



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