The Dialup {Week 5} Five recent movies that look terrible but are actually worth seeing twice

Happy Dialup day! You know when you see a preview for a movie and you think to yourself (and sometimes say out loud) wow, that looks really dreadful. 

So I do that all the time, and then sometimes when there’s nothing on Netflix to watch, I’ll watch all those movies I just turned my nose down at. And then, it turns out.. my initial impression was wrong (god I hate when that happens).

Here are five of just those kind of movies, one for each night of the long long work week.

St. Vincent – that comedy with Bill Murray about a single mom and her son who move in next door to a crotchety old guy who befriends the little boy. Turns out friends can come in all forms.

Expected: Crass, rude, story-less plot.

Actually got: A feel good story, with Melissa McCarthy played less comic than heartfelt, Bill Murray fit his role perfectly, and that little boy was some cute. Would watch again! 4 stars

Mountain Men – Picked this one randomly, had seriously low expectations as a result.

 Expected: Canadian guys wandering through mountains with no plot and/or bearded guys grunting at each other (check out the poster, you’ll see what I mean).

Actually got: Family comedy, brothers reuniting, feel-good film, where nothing bad really happens, in true Canadian fashion. Gorgeous scenery of BC mountains. 3.5 stars

Her -That freaky looking one about a guy who talks to his phone a lot

Expected: Sci fi, weird tech thriller with an almost always creepy Joaquin Phoenix

Actually got: A touching, thought-provoking, beautifully filmed piece of art, that leaves you thinking about it for months after. Best seen on the big screen. 4 stars

The Fundamentals of Caring – Kid in a wheelchair, new caregiver, Selena Gomez plays a runaway…

Expected: Netflix movie, cheesy, same plot as everything else, made-for-tv effects

Actually got: A really funny, realistic story about a bunch of regular people doing things they didn’t think they could do and surprising themselves and each other in the process. Would watch again. 4 stars

Hector and the Search for Happiness – The title really gives it all away.

Expected: An indie movie with no plot about a guy who really does just search for happiness.

Actually got: An indie movie with a plot about a guy who really does search for happiness, but the whole film is also a study in culture and priorities.

**If you are in the Annapolis Valley, these movies and so many many more are available at Cinematopia video rental store in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Support local!**

Want more of the fun? Try this, this and this.



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