The Dialup {Week 3}

Week 3! Actually more like week seven, because as predicted I am really not stellar with the whole follow-through business.

Maybe these kids can help me figure out my calendar, when they’re done solving all the other world problems.

My week, which was going okay until it wasn’t, was significantly brightened when I received a package because who doesn’t love a package? Even better than a package as a concept was getting Kat McLevey’s album, Evergrown. Check that out here.

We just signed the lease on a new apartment in Newfoundland, on our favourite street in the city, super exciting. Major highlight of my week has been searching Pinterest (find me here on there) for cheap ways to make our sad and empty house less sad and empty. This memo board is project #1 for me. Or at least, the first project I intend to delegate to someone else because I really don’t do projects. Art + me = ick for me, and bad result.

And just to end your week on a slightly-depressing-but-maybe-uplifting-depends-how-you-look-at-it note… I read two excellent articles from Atlantic Business yesterday. This one made me angry (as most things do) and then less angry and then happy that someone is actually saying these words. The second one is a super reminder that we (by we I mean women, just to be clear) have to keep stepping up and being active participants, sharing our ideas, and taking advantage of the place we have made at the table by actually using it. For all the social media/interweb types, this is your weekly prod to keep sharing and liking and send your virtual love this week to women writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and telling magazines and newspapers that you appreciate hearing about women, and from women.

Finally, my favourite Instagram of the week: IMG_1274.JPG

This shot of our B&B room at The Groundswell on Isle Madame on Cape Breton Island, NS. The light, the wallpaper… and the name of the room – “Paperback Writer”. Can’t beat that. Find me on Instagram, and follow to get updates: @oneredphonebox.


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