The Dialup {Week 2}

Mondays suck. Three months ago I was in school and Mondays sucked because, well, no one really wants to study philosophy first thing at the beginning of the week. Now, I have a job, and Mondays are just a really good reminder that I need to get back on the becoming-independently-wealthy track.

If your Monday is sucking like mine, try checking out some pictures of manatees that are ready to give you a wide-eyed look and tell you that they believe in you. Really. The internet is a magical magical place.


Also, these sketches of Cuba that make me wish to be somewhere else and also to have just a small amount of ability to draw. If you actually have the ability to be somewhere else right now and just don’t know where, try this for an escape.

I just finished reading Wonder, by R. J. Palacio, which was a surprisingly uplifting -and easy – young adult read about the joys of looking different in middle school. I wasn’t feeling the love for this one and was more than mildly upset when it came in to the library as I was in the midst of a John Irving novel. However, upon opening the cover I came upon a quote from the lovely musician Natalie Merchant and her song Wonder! Of course, I couldn’t not read it then.


(Are you on Instagram? Find this picture and other shots of small town life here!)

Finally this article from the New Yorker will make you happy if you read fiction or if, like me, you think being a bibliotherapist is actually a profession you might enjoy.

So there you go. Happy Monday/hopefully happier Tuesday. Answer your emails. Do the extra ten percent. Go forth and be useful.



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