Walk Like a Local in the Annapolis Valley, NS

I don’t know what the deal is with hiking. By ‘deal’ I mean the mild obsession travellers and people in general seem to have with finding somewhere to hikeI thought hiking was a major thing, like doing the Pacific Crest Trail or a really big mountain. In my world, if it’s a hike, I envision tents and bear spray and those spikey things you strap on your shoes. If it doesn’t involve those things, it’s just a walk.

Nova Scotia no doubt has actual hikes. But places to go for a walk are even more common. However, the trick in Nova Scotia is that no one wants to tell you where to go, and people like to assume that all Nova Scotians, and tourists, just know where these things are, and if you don’t know then you’re never going to be privy to that knowledge. Case in point: After 20 years, I still don’t know where anything is.


That being said, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, in the heart of the Annapolis Valley, there is a body of water known as the Reservoir, and around the Reservoir is a trail and a mountain biking course, and the trail connects to other trails which you can eventually take to see much of the town. You can walk these trails, or bike them if you’re coordinated, and this is one of those moments when a Nova Scotian is going to tell the rest of you where to go to see some attractive nature scenes. Here it is. It’s happening now.

This is also one of many cool things Wolfville has going for it and should attract visitors. If you have not done these cool things in this cool town, you should come and do them.

User- and local-approved.


To get to Reservoir Park, and the accompanying trails, drive your rent-a-car up Sherwood Drive from Main Street until you hit Pleasant Street and turn left into the car park. Or, plug ‘Reservoir Park’ into the GPS that now apparently comes with every rental car and follow the directions, but use common sense so you only find the reservoir, and don’t drive your car into it.


In case these ramblings are not incentive enough, check out these shots of the park that I took earlier this week that you can pin to your Pinterest and tweet on Twitter and facebook (is that a verb?) on Facebook to share with your friends the cool town you’re going to visit and make them jealous, telling them all the while that you found said photos here, at http://www.oneredphonebox.com (yes, this is a shameless plug).



This is a moth-type thing (I am not a biologist).
This is artistic grass, visible in various locations around the Reservoir


Artistic Grass 2.0

Also, occasionally you run into someone who says “Hey, there’s three eagles in that tree over there, you should go take pictures!” and so you go look and there are in fact three eagles. Later you hear about how a boy almost got carried off by an eagle and you can become very glad that you are back home and the eagles did not decide that you were lunch.

A rare eagle sighting




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