The Dialup {Week 1}

One Red Phone Box is positively almost enthused to bring you the Weekly Dialup (we’re so retro), a conglomeration of stuff that is hopefully mildly related and meant to improve your week. Theoretically, these will be published weekly, with somewhat regularity, and themed. But because I’m not great at the follow through, let’s just be happy when they occur at all.

Having said all of that, welcome to The Dialup {Week 1}, Theme: Music for Rainy Afternoons for Cleaning the Kitchen Drawers and Being Generally Melancholy. Start with this one from Ryn Weaver, just to make sure you’re really depressed before you start the cleaning.

Side note. If you’re going to clean the drawer with all of the cleaning cloths (because every normal family does that as a group activity), beware of the following conversations:

Cleaner 1: I don’t like this cloth.

Cleaner 2: Why?

1: It’s microfibre.

2: So?

1: It doesn’t clean. And it’s too big.

2: Clean what? How can a cloth be too big?

1: Too big for my purposes.

2: Okay. This one is terrycloth. Do you use this one?

1: No.

2: Because it’s too big? Too soft? Too non-cleaning?

Spectator: Or just because it’s not on the top of the pile?

1: pause. All of the above.

Spectator: Sigh

2: This is why you are not involved in this process. Usually.

1: But I don’t mind! I’m so laid back, I’m practically comatose.

2: Puh.


Before starting this conversation, turn on the music:

Oh Wonder is one of those bands that I’m pretty sure is cool only if you’re a cool person and if you’re wanting to be cool by being not cool (is that a hipster? I don’t know) then it is too really cool to be cool or something. I don’t know. Regardless, they have this cool-not cool-too cool song that is not at all cheerful but kind of upbeat and has the same name as another excellent depressing song that we all know and love already. Find Landslide (Oh Wonder version) here.

Joni Mitchell wins at life. The choral version of Both Sides Now is also astounding. And Judy Collins does a more cheerful rendition.

The Weakerthans are known for a uplifting song about Winnipeg, but Left and Leaving is the opposite of all of that.

If you haven’t finished that drawer by now, let Van Morrison keep you on task with Into the Mystic.



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