6 Good Reasons to visit Fort Anne National Historic Site in Nova Scotia

Obviously, people have all sorts of reasons for visiting Canada’s National Parks and Historic Sites. That’s cool. I’m not a big history person though, so I need a little more than just the humdrum, “Umm.. I like history. Old stuff is cool.” Not that it isn’t cool. It definitely is. I did a project in grade five on the religion and death rituals of Vikings and my mind was blown. Until we went on to do Claymation (that thing where you make stuff with clay and make a stop-motion video). Then my mind was actually blown and Vikings were no longer cool.

Regardless of how you feel about Claymation, if history is your thing, you really need no other reason to visit a placed called “National Historic Site”. If you’re like me though and maybe lost interest after the Vikings, hopefully these reasons will instill in you a deep desire to visit Fort Anne, yet another old thing in Nova Scotia, also known (affectionately, of course) as the province full of old things.


Reason #1: After you eat lunch, sometimes it’s good to take a walk. The lunching part should occur in Annapolis Royal, preferably at Restaurant Compose,  on St. George Street. Also, eat whatever is on the dessert menu. Apple tart, ice cream sundae, whatever. It’s all delicious.


So after you’ve indulged on apples and pastry and caramel sauce and whipped cream and whatever else, walk it off by moseying down St. George Street to Fort Anne, the oldest National Historic Site in Canada, then mosey some more and lie down on the grass, which is plentiful. If you really ate too much, you can climb the little hill and take refuge on one of those big red Parks Canada chairs that are way more comfortable than they look.


Reason #2: Grass is fun to roll in. As exhibited by the many children who decided to tumble down the slopes of Fort Anne and tried to avoid hitting their heads on the stone structures below. Make sure the pie has been digested before attempting, or bring along a pie to have as a picnic at the Fort, post-roll.


Reason #3: You can play hide and seek in the stone buildings. Because what better thing to do with an afternoon than claim you are going to an Historic Site and then play hide and seek with your co-workers. I mean kid friends. Nope. Co-workers.


Reason #4: It’s actually really pretty and you can take family portraits and get art shots of flowers and stone stuff to put on Instagram. This is fairly self-explanatory. But just to prove the point, here is a sample of the aforementioned art shot:


Reason #5: Yes, that history business. It’s historical. Old. Significant to the historical history of Nova Scotia. Monumental in the history of the area and the river and all those things you can read about in the museum except we couldn’t cause it was closed. Plus, cannons.

– Want more Nova Scotian adventures? Try this: How to Walk on the Ocean Floor



Reason #6: After you’ve been educated, it’s mere steps to Sissiboo Coffee Roaster for a fabulously delicious cold brew. Sadly, they are closed on Sundays, the day we were there. We have no luck.




*Update from Sissiboo Coffee Roasters: As of June 26, 2016, they’ll be open 7 days a week – that would include those dreaded coffee-less Sundays! Woot!


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