Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The countdown is on. Mother’s Day is May 8 – yeah, that seems like a long time doesn’t it? Ha. Funny people. – and for those of us who like our mothers, this is a nice day to do something nice for the person who is always/often/usually/sometimes nice to you. That’s a lot of nice to make up for just on one day. Also, it’s a good day for people who aren’t mothers who also do motherly things, like grandmothers and dads and maybe that nice lady at the post office who always looks slightly unhappy.

Not to worry though. With one whole week to go, we’ve got your Mother’s Day covered. As suggested by a mother herself, and provided by a daughter who has 22 years of Mother’s Days to draw from, here is our gift guide complete with 10 potential ways to make your mother/teacher/nana/dog/motherly-father happy on May 8.

  1. Start Mom off with breakfast in bed. Or not in bed, if she’s up super early and you just can’t. Pancakes are always good, but these scones from Deliciously Yum (pictured) are even better. maple-nut-scones-2-761x1024Also, I’ve been told (mom approved!) that a protein shake like this Healthy Coffee Protein Smoothie tastes some good alongside those buttery scones. Way to be practical.
  2. Nothing says I love you more than some good old binge watching. Yes, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix, but the first season on DVD is so much better. Is your mom a Lorelei or a Rory? Or (eek) are you buying Mother’s Day gifts for the Emily in your life? I hope not… for your sake.gilmore
  3. If you’re going to be watching all that tv, she’ll need some new glasses. This mom approved gift combines the joy of a deal with the thrill of the chase. Help your mom-type-person pick out some new specs. I choose mine at the place in the mall with all the glasses, and then go to Clearly Contacts and get a deal. Sunglasses, non-prescription, reading, bifocals, the whole deal. She’ll be happy because you helped her choose, and because now she can see you! A win win.
  4. We all want those mother-people to be healthy, and we also know they are likely not drinking enough water. Make them want to drink up, with a pretty water bottle like the Flavour It 2 Go Water Bottle from Chapters/Indigo (pictured). It has a built-in infuser for citrus or cucumber slices to spice up that liquid intake.flavour2go
  5. Put the music on her device. Maybe she doesn’t know how, and you could show her, or maybe she knows how and really just doesn’t want to. Whatever the reason, either show or don’t show her how to do it (ask her first, maybe?) and put the legally acquired music on her phone/ipod/ancient MP3 player so she can be cool like you and rock out to Cyndi Lauper and Bruce Springsteen just like you.
  6. Book a spa day or the cheaper version and get your makeup done at one of those counters in the big department stores. Together. It’s all about the togetherness, apparently. Don’t just send her on her own to awkwardly sit in one of those chairs at the mall. That’s mean.
  7. Take a night off. Check into a hotel, or an inn like Fisher’s Loft in Trinity, Newfoundland (pictured). Or, if that’s a splurge not on the agenda, have a night in, with phones off, no texting, and movies. fishersloftNL.jpg
  8. Tickets to the theatre, the movies, a concert or an art show are a great Mother’s Day gift. Get two, and if she likes her present, she can take you. If she doesn’t, two tickets are easier to resell. Try a show at a local theatre to support your small arts ventures, like opening night of Next to Normal at the LSPU Hall in St. John’s, NL.
  9. Is your mom a coffee-lover? A green thumb? Get a two-in-one with the Grow Your Own Aromatic Arabica Coffee Plant Kit, available on Etsygrowyourown.jpg
  10. For that very first Mother’s Day – or for the mother-to-be – put together a basket of goodies, or try this one from Parcelly, a Canadian company based in Ottawa, ON. They also have baskets for moms who are far far from their children, like mine is. Many parcels include a snack, like chocolate covered pretzels, bath products, and a tote bag to remember the child who has to go away to school.







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