Quebec’s Seven Secret Falls

Just a thirty minute drive from Rivière-du-Loup in Quebec, near the town of Saint-Pascal is the Park of Seven Waterfalls, le Parc des Sept-Chutes.


There is a small parking lot just off the main road, where we changed into our sneakers – no hiking boots required for this walk – and a map at the entrance to the woods indicates various routes appropriate for all skill levels.

The first waterfall

Seven huge waterfalls wouldn’t fit in this little park, so some of them are just baby ‘chutes’, like this one.

The trail, about 5 kilometres out-and-back, follows the Kamouraska River that winds off from the Saint Lawrence with viewing points for each of seven waterfalls in the area. The day we went, the main route to one of the central waterfalls was closed for repairs, but we got to see many of the other falls.


Regardless, the whole walk was lovely.

We were there in August, so in the sun it got very warm, but the shade from the trees in the park left the forest a perfect walking temperature. As we came back out where we started, we could see the view of the whole river valley.

There are so many well-known destinations to see in this beautiful province, but le Parc des Sept-Chutes is not one of them, and maybe it should be.


What’s your favourite hidden spot to go on a hot day? Leave a note in the comments, or find One Red Phone box on Instagram!


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